In 2009, the Norwegian Government published an action plan for universal design and increased accessibility. The goal of that action plan was to make our society more accessible for everyone, with the ambition to achieve this for the whole country by 2025.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority's task

The Norwegian Mapping Authority contributes to mapping universal design and accessibility in towns, district centres and recreational areas, and publishes all data. The aim of this project is to provide a database and map server that clearly shows the status of accessibility throughout Norway.

Read more about how you can access the data here.

Mapping and classification will focus on accessibility for people with reduced mobility and impaired vision. Therefore, the data does not provide a complete overview of accessibility for all types of disabilities.

Mapping of accessibility and universal design

The Norwegian Mapping Authority has developed guidelines for mapping of accessibility in both urban and recreational areas. The guidelines describe the mapping process, methods and the object features that are relevant. Establishing national guidelines and a national approach will help ensure a georeferenced and standardized mapping of urban and recreational areas throughout the country.

Available in Norwegian: Guidelines for mapping for accessibility.

Classification of accessibility data

In co-operation with other organizations, The Norwegian Mapping Authority has developed a scale of accessibility for classification purposes. This scale combines several object features into an overall assessment value for that single object, (e.g. features as inclination of ramp, door width, height of door opener etc. define the accessibility the entrance to a building). Each object is assigned to one of the following categories: accessible, restricted accessibility, not accessible, or not evaluated.

The object features and the criteria of assessment depend on the object type, and may vary with respect to the object's location and its relation to other objects (e.g. HC-parking spot and closest entrance to a building). In this way, factors determine whether an object meets certain minimum requirements or not.

Available in Norwegian: Classification of accessibility.

Mapping in the field

The Norwegian Mapping Authority has developed an app for mapping accessibility in the field. You can download this application to most Android tablets. All mapped objects are linked directly to their geographical position; accurate positioning being achieved via the tablet's built-in GPS.